ATM Learns to “Think Bravely”

Producing positive Point of Decision (POD) outcomes require each of us to practice a brand of leadership that ethically inspires others to courageously act for what is right. Simply put, character is sustained courage. By installing the Think Bravely brand promise in the individual or group belief system, there are valuable opportunities for liberating act hunger, disrupting the status quo and orchestrating positive change. I readily admit that it is easier to type this assertion than it is to change minds in an operational environment of shortened attention spans, Facebook moments, greater noise to signal ratio (distraction), etc.

An Activist Turnaround Manager (ATM) is the owner’s rep of a firm who shapes the courage competence of the organizaton and aligns actions with the strategic intent in both Wall Street and Main Street. With a courageous ATM at the helm, business problems are solved with greater throughput as well as eliminating bottlenecks with lower operating expense.

Below is the living mosaic of an ATM who is learning how to Think Bravely and creating a real-estate called S@SFO (Sustainability using Art & Therapy (@) for Solution Focused Outcomes).


About thinkbravelykellogg

Last Mile Resource who enjoys business problem solving, applying B-school thought leadership in the Black Swan environment, see what sticks while enhancing my FISO (fit in, stand out) factor in social networks.

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